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Those of Poseidon:
Poseidon Guide IDGrO28

The son or daughter of Ocean's king, you are a true master of water and earth, a powerful demigod that manipulates the very Terra that people call home. Your best stats are your endurance, your magical control, and your reflexes.


Claimed by Poisedon:This character has been claimed by the the god of the oceans. They have a tough body, water magic, and agile reflexes.

Water/Earth Mastery: This character has started developing their natural skills with both water and earth magic, they can now innately cast these spells. 20 speed/damage. Caps at user's control.

Aquatic Advantage: When submerged underwater, this character gains an additional attack per turn, whether it be a spell or a physical attack on any opponent who does not have the trained swimmer perk.

Water/Earth Mastery 2: This character has now advanced their magic spell casting. Their spells now deal up to 40 damage, and move at 40 speed. Capped by control.

Anti-magic body: This character innately reduces incoming spells by 10 damage after calculations.

Winter seas: This character was born in the cold northern winter sea, and has Incorporated this aspect into their body. Their unarmed attacks are coated with ice and deal an additional 1d4 damage as ice magic.

Water/Earth Mastery 3: This character is now a master of using their innate magic. Their spells now deal up to 60 damage, and move at 60 speed. Capped by control.

Chilled Weapons: This character can now process their ice magic through their weapon, in order to passively increase their weapon damage by six. Enemies hit by this suffer a 1 tile debuff, and wears off after three turns. Each additional tile lost resets this counter.

Chilling Amplification: This character has further mastered their ice and water skills. When casting magic, they can turn their water spells into ice spells, and lower the speed by 10 in order to creative a passive effective of causing the opponent bleed damage, and lowering their tiles by 1 for each 10 damage they are dealt.

Water/Earth Mastery 4: This character is now god tier when it comes to their magic. They are capable of making spells that deal up to 80 damage and move up to 80 speed. Capped by control.

Trident Trained: This character can wield a trident, and reduce its stamina cost to three. When thrusting with it and rooting themselves for two turns, they may cast a large 3x3 water spell at their level.

Trident Master: This character is as skilled as Poisedon with their trident, and swing it with a cost of only 1 stamina. Each attack they make is accompanied with a 3x3 wave of water, and a direct attack deals half of their water spell in damage.

Horse Whisperer: This character is innately skilled at riding any kind of horse like creature. They listen instinctively to the user's commands, and can even be called up from nowhere to assist in battle. 3 turn wait for this animal to show up. Pegasus in the sky, Stallion on the ground, Seahorse in the water.


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