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Post by NihilisticBanana on Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:27 pm

Byond key: NihilisticBanana

Character name: Yusef Brando

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Desired Parent: Zeus

Fatal Flaw: Yuuto's fatal flaw is in his own self-confidence, despite being a demigod in origin he sees himself as someone who is unskilled, Yes he was born with these so called "Gifts" but he does not feel that hold any real practical real world use, he seems much more focused on bettering himself in the more traditional manner by studying so he may actually do better in school instead of the normal struggling he tends to have. Yuuto also seems to struggle to express his emotions, he has the sort of... muted in a way, while that may be good for issues that may cause grief in some others it also tends to isolate him from his peers and keep him away from his desires to be popular. He is rather average looking and was struggling greatly in school before coming to the camp


Why does this character match the parent?: While he lacks the charisma normally desired in the role this character tends to be able to act as a form of leader in the sense that he indirectly tends to inspire others by his own drive to move forward and never give up, he is rather simple on his own but he has a good heart and a good nature to him, he does what it takes to have what he believes in stay protected and what not. He is extremely capable in battle, almost as if it comes as second nature to him and he is indeed brave though what differs in him is that he doesn't really like to hurt other people.

Why do you deserve this heritage?: While I feel as though the word "Deserve" is a little strong I do feel I would be able to perform quite well in this role, I certainly would give my all to make my character interesting while at the same time hopefully making it so other characters could grow and develop along side mine, I cannot say I deserve anything however, I don't at all feel as though I'm entitled to anything.

What will you do with these powers?: What I need to when the moment comes I suppose, My character doesn't quite have his heart into the demi-god aspect of his life and while he may not mind using his abilities when the time comes he isn't the type to flaunt them and often holds back, he's much more focused on studies and self-improvement, his natural gifts mean little to nothing to him.

What other parents would you accept?:  Poseidon, Apollo, and Demeter in that order


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NihilisticBanana - Zeus Demi-God Application Empty Re: NihilisticBanana - Zeus Demi-God Application

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:42 pm

Approved for Poseidon.


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