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Carpainter - Dionysus/Baccus Demigod Application Empty Carpainter - Dionysus/Baccus Demigod Application

Post by Carpainter on Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:48 pm

Byond key: Carpainter
Character name: Yakob
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Desired parent: Dionysus/Baccus
Fatal Flaw: Impulsiveness/Recklessness, Extreme Alcoholism:  My character's as worse as it comes with alcoholism. Addicted to the substance, though this is largely reason for their recklessness. Driving them to chaotic action without much thought. This stems in large part due to their anxiousness, seeking a way to cope and deal with the past. While few truly know of his past in full, he aims to keep it concealed behind the liquor. In truth these problems stem from his true fatal flaw. His past.
Playby: Carpainter - Dionysus/Baccus Demigod Application Soma2
Why does this character match the parent?: While he's less easy-going than his father, he's someone who embraces chaos and disorder. Loving it for the raw pleasure it brings. The magic in the madness is his calling, and whenever given the chance he'll delve into it fully without a question. While he has a partial immunity to the substance, he loves drinking liquor. Something he's picked up over the years, even though he's faced serious punishment for the act. Liquor is something he never completely lacks in his grasp.
Why do you deserve this heritage?: No one deserves anything, period. I'm a strong Absurdist with Nihilistic tendencies. We all deal with wants and larger wants. I'd much prefer to have this god, but to say I definitely deserve it, is far from the truth. I would enjoy having this god as a character. But should I not have him, I can't change the reality of things. Life is life, sometimes it sucks.
What will you do with these powers?: I aim to wield these powers to unique capability, using the madness and reckless nature of my character to give a very different charm to an otherwise underrated god. While he's quite known for wine, many people don't comprehend that he's also the god of madness, parties and ecstasy. Using that to my advantage, I hope to make use of those abilities in the form of demigod-level powers.
What other parents would you accept?: I take none other except Dionysus himself.

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Carpainter - Dionysus/Baccus Demigod Application Empty Re: Carpainter - Dionysus/Baccus Demigod Application

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