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Weapon/Item Application Template Empty Weapon/Item Application Template

Post by Anin on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:51 pm

Byond key: 
Character name: 

Weapon's Name: 
Weapon description:

Weapon's Image: 
Weapon Damage:
Weapon Weight:
Weapon Range:
Weapon abilities:
Weapon material:

Why does this weapon match you:

Item's Name: 
Item's Image: 
Item's Backstory:

**As stated previously anyone who applies for a weapon before day 3 does get their weapon when they are claimed, if the weapon is approved.**

-Celestial bronze is available for everyone while only specific children can access other materials such as Hades with stygion and silver to Artemis. 

-Small weapons are typically low damage, with the abillity to strike several times per round.

-Medium weapons strike once per round and deal moderate damage.

-Large weapons have an extended range, deal higher damage, and typically root the user for a round.

-Very Large weapons strike once per round, deal massive damage, have a long range, and root the users for two rounds.

-Long distance weapons have lower damage, and require an upkeep of ammunition. They have extended range however, and in the right hands can deal heavy damage. Stronger long range weapons such as a crossbow or shotgun do slow down or root the user during use.

  • Small weapons damage range: 4-8, 2 stamina cost without proficency
  • Medium weapon damage range :12-21, 3 stamina cost without proficency
  • Large weapon damage range: 28-37, 5 stamina cost with proficiency, + 1 tile range, 1 turn root
  • Very Large weapon damage range: 41-50, 7 Stamina cost without proficiency, +2 tile range, 2 turn root

  • Small Long range weapon: 2-4 damage, *3-8 tile range.
  • Medium: 6-10 damage, *5-10 tile range
  • Heavy: 12-18 damage, *8-12 tile range, roots.

Some perks extend and lower this range. Anything below this range and the opponent can cut you off before you fire.

*DONT FORGET TO HAVE ICONS FOR YOUR ITEMS READY so you can send file to admin or pm it through discord*

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