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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:30 pm

Camp Halfblood is eerily quiet... It has been for a while. No new faces has sprung up for several years, and the old faces have slowly been eliminated to the point of being scarce. A walk through the Camp will reveal how run down the place has gotten.
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The main camp director has not been seen in over three months. Rumors that the end of the Greek gods was imminent, and that those who are left that have the linage of their gods are doomed. The age of greek supermacy has come to an end.
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The last generation of Demi-gods have been wiped out by a war sparked with the Roman and Egyptian demigods, leaving only the inexperienced demigods that have just been ushered in by the satyrs to the camp, and most do not know of the grim fate that befell their older brothers and sisters.
Rumors abound regarding that Camp Half-blood might evolve to be year round, and will begin a training regiment to train them to kill even gods.


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