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Post by MalikCatcher on Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:46 am

Byond key: MalikCatcher

Character name: Wilson, Ken

Age: 14-16

Sex: Male

Desired parent: Poseidon

Fatal Flaw: Overconfident in himself/Too trusting of others. He overestimates himself constantly, believing himself to be able to do absurd things far beyond his level. He's humbled to a point, bit still has this sort of arrogance. And when it comes to other people, he judges them by first impression. So it's pretty easy to gain his trust, which could ultimately be deadly for him...

Playby: To be decided… But something with black hair and green eyes!

Why does this character match the parent?: Well, first off, he's highly attuned with water. He's a swimmer, enjoys hanging out at the beach, and surprisingly? Water’s his favorite thing to drink. Hah. He also has sea green eyes, along with a sort of “passion” for horses(nothing weird ew) and sea creatures. When it comes to Earthquakes and things like that, he's usually "balanced" in a way during them, as if he's either controlling them, able to sense and manipulate them himself, or just at peace with them.

Why do you deserve this heritage?: Eh? I never said I “deserve” this heritage… But! I'm willing to put forth the work and effort of upholding any responsibilities that come with being a child of one of the Big 3. This includes providing quality RP, being an active member of the community, and helping drive everything forward one step at a time.
What will you do with these powers?: Well, God of the sea, right? Along with being someone who causes earthquakes? I'll focus primarily on water in order to heal myself and my allies, along with unleashing devastating attacks with it on enemies. Ultimately, I want to develop a certain Hozuki-like technique(wink wink) if I get the proper prerequisites and admin approval. And when it comes to the Earthquakes… There's not much I'd use it for other than distractions, escaping, and intimidation. It honestly depends on the perks and skills seeing as this is a more offensive character.

What other parents would you accept? Hades(With a diff app ofc even though there's like 2 of them) or Zeus(With another app since nobody wanted to, regardless of him being an ass) or even Ares! Eh... There's plenty of things to try if this doesn't work out for me...


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MalikCatcher - Poseidon Demigod Empty Re: MalikCatcher - Poseidon Demigod

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:42 pm

Approved if you are actually active.


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