Yusef Brando - Weapon\Item Application

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Yusef Brando - WeaponItem Application

Post by NihilisticBanana on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:42 pm

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Character name: Yusef Brando

Age: 15

Parent: Poseidon

Weapon's Name: Titan

Weapon Description: The weapon you see before you is indeed quite the odd sight, a trident made from a celestial bronze mixture with various elements, This weapon indeed does not look at all like one fitting for any creature let alone a demi-god, while yes forged from the precious metal the weapon is simply hideous, in other words, ugly... what looks to be a mistake with its rough edges and lumpy bumpy hilt, it would remind one that of a work made by a beginner in the art of forging with the way bits of its design look to have been melted, even part of it looks to be held together by wire of the same material, not to mention its unwieldy size, the weapon is simply impractical with its length of over 20 ft and tremendous weight, It's glowing seems to have been altered in some way as it transitions from the normal golden glow to a greenish color every now and then. This all being said one would easily come to think of this weapon as some form of a joke of the gods.

Weapon backstory: The weapon known as "Titan" named by of course by Yusef Brando himself sometime after receiving it has its own rather strange story to its creation, the original design of the weapon, of course, being a trident inspired by that of the design of Poseidon's own trident, originally intended to be given to Yusef after being forged by the god, sadly, however, things did not quite go to plan as Poseidon found himself distracted by other matters, leaving the task of forging to another, his son with pure divine blood, Triton, during the time the relationship between Triton and his father was a bit uneasy, in the past they had an argument of sorts over a rather trivial matter and they did not speak for quite some time, this was supposed to in a way be an act of trying to reforge some peace between the two, while originally the weapon was forged to divine perfection by the son of Poseidon, even the scrapings from his own weapon after being sharpened were mixed into the new weapon, allowing it that much more of a unique flair to it, making it indeed a great and worthy weapon, Tritons confidence with the masterwork was not misplaced but would eventually lead to disaster, due to still unknown reasons the weapon sadly fell from Mount Olympus shortly after being shown to the god Poseidon, for eighteen days it fell... and fell... making its way even past that of the mortal plane, earth, and went further into the deepest depths of hell, the ultimate place of suffering Tartarus it was there the weapon was broken upon impact, the heat of the flames of Hades altering the once grand weapon as it stayed stuck at the lowest point of the universe, after a great deal of time Triton, not allowing the knowledge reach his father of something happening to the weapon was able to reclaim it, the story of that effort is a tale for another time, but none the less he was disheartened to see the one proud weapon lay in ruins... time was running out however... the time for the weapon to be given to Yusef was upon him and he simply had no choice, taking the weapon and doing the best he was able to do in repairing it in such a short amount of time allowed the wreck of a weapon to be given to his half-brother.

Weapon's Image: https://i.imgur.com/3st8OpB.png

Weapon Damage: 41

Weapon Weight: very heavy

Weapon Range: close combat extending to a +2 tile range

Weapon abilities:

Horrid Yet Functional: The weapon itself reeks of failure, it's design looking... in blunt terms to be a piece of garbage, Making most enemies underestimate the ability of this weapon and may even move some to tease or not take a fight with whoever wields this weapon seriously, however despite its ugly looks the weapon is just as functional as any other and is something to not be underestimated.

Tears of Triton: This weapon was forged by the son of Poseidon himself, with his blood sweat and literal tears put into this weapon it has the oddly amazing effect to start to produce pressurized saltwater during battle should it's wielder wish to do as much (Water source that gives a +5 to water spell power)

Celestial Bronze: It harms mystical, magical, and divine creatures while having absolutely no effect on mortals

Weapon material: Celestial Bronze

Why does this weapon match you: It's usual look and impractical design reflects my characters personality in the way that it's not typical, it's very early man with its crude design reflecting how my character feels more at home with mortals than that of the gods, while it's sheer largeness, impracticality, and devastating power reflects how he doesn't like to fight, this is the type of weapon a person wouldn't want to have to carry around all of the time and thats true to his nature, he rather not have to ever use a weapon, but for the times he's pushed into no choice and he needs to fight? it's something that with the proper use and planning can end a battle rather soon. One could say it's broken and rough look can also he's the type of person to "Break the mold" and go against what is classically expected of a demi-god.

Item's Name: The Amulet of Peace

Item's Image: https://i.imgur.com/O6tkvM1.png

Item's Backstory: Not too long ago the great god Poseidon fell for a mortal woman, this mortal woman would later become the mother of Yusef, for years they loved in secret, hiding their union from the goddess Amphitrite, the wife of poseidon, though of course as such situations happen sometime after Yusef's conception the goddess found out about the relationship and grew extremely jealous, saying that the god Poseidon is to never see the woman again or else she would destroy her, left with the bitter sadness of the situation Poseidon created an Amulet, the Amulet holding the power to dull emotion to the point of non-existence and gave it to Yusef's mother, with it she wouldn't have to feel the emotional struggles of raising a child alone and with that he himself could find peace, sadly, however, all emotion was cut off, happiness, sadness... anger.. all of it was just built up within the necklace until... the limit was reached, dulling the power of the amulet for a moment as her emotion exploded forth and she went into a wild frenzy, almost killing their young son and breaking a number of his ribs, Yusef was taken away from his mother and she was left alone... with nothing but the necklace. Somehow it got back into the possession of Poseidon and unaware of the defeat of the artifact thought it proper to give to his son for whatever use he may find for it, now the amulet can only store up so much emotional stress before letting it all out in one go.

Item Ability: Leave the wearer completely emotionless, leaving them only with their morals, thoughts and ideas, storing inside of it every bit of emotional stress that it's wearer gains until it reaches the point of overflowing or is removed, then it's wearer explodes with all their stored up emotion, pumping their body full of adrenaline and making them a uncontrollable more dangerous than normal force (Gives some sort of big boost after a long period of time depending on how much stress it's wearer is dealing with, when emotion explodes forth it's wearer attacks anything and everyone they see as some form of threat no matter how small, then may move onto friends and innocents if there was enough stress caused, this boost in power may be transferred over to friend and prevent the psychotic episode if said friend or someone of the like were able to grab hold of him ahead of time and calm it's wearer down, allowing them the temporary boost in power instead... As for what sort of boost I mean... I'd prefer to leave it up to a admin, this is made to be sort of a "Dangerous secret weapon" type deal and I don't really want to say some sort of boost that's simply out of the question)


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Re: Yusef Brando - Weapon\Item Application

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:59 pm

Weapon damage is 45.

Raises all stats by 17, but user attacks everything in sight, whether friendly or aggressive. User is left exhausted, unable to defend themselves after seven turns. 1 week to 2 week cooldown.


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