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Those of Hades:
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The son or daughter of the kind of the Dead, you are a true master of Earth, and Necromancy a powerful demigod that manipulates the very Terra that people call home and the place where they bury their dead. Your best stats are your endurance, your magical control, and your reflexes.


Claimed by Hades:This character has been claimed by the the god of the Dead. They have a tough body, Earth and Nercomancy magic, and agile reflexes.

Undead/Earth Mastery: This character has started developing their natural skills with both Undead and earth magic, they can now innately cast these spells. 20 speed/damage. Caps at user's control.

Shadow Traveler: Once every three turns, the user can enter any shadow and disappear instantly inside of it, before coming out any nearby shadow that is within six tiles of their disappearing point. The speed of this travel is instantaneous. The user cannot attack on the turn they use this perk.

Undead/Earth Mastery 2: This character has now advanced their magic spell casting. Their spells now deal up to 40 damage, and move at 40 speed. Capped by control.

Undead Summon: This character can now summon up to three corpses to fight for them at once. These corpses's stats are low, about 1/4th of the users, barring stamina which is infinite. They are immune to any form of physical damage, but quickly wilter under regular magic and instantly destroyed by light magic. One undead for every 15 control cap.

Skeleton Body: By coating their body with the bones of the undead, they are better able to take non-magical damage and shrug it off easily. This character innately reduces incoming physical attacks by 10 damage after calculations.

Advanced Shadow Traveling: This character has become used to the unnatural feeling of walking through death's gate, and as such, can now travel freely through it without problem. The user can travel through the shadow plane up to three times in a row without issue.

Undead/Earth Mastery 3: This character is now a master of using their innate magic. Their spells now deal up to 60 damage, and move at 60 speed. Capped by control.

Summon Undead Horde: This character has advanced their undead necromancy that they are able to summon up to six skeletons/zombies. Still 1/4th stats of the user. Unlimited stamina. 1 corpse per 15 control.

Masterful Shadow Traveling: This character is capable of traveling through the shadows and delivering a strike with their weapon as if it was one movement entirely. Requires 70 control. Flanks instantly without a superior sensory perk.

Undead/Earth Mastery 4: This character is now god tier when it comes to their magic. They are capable of making spells that deal up to 80 damage and move up to 80 speed. Capped by control.

Stygian Iron Trained: This character can wield Stygian Iron weapons without drawbacks. When they hit an opponent, they deal 2 stamina damage per round, and inflict a bleed on any attack roll that's difference is above ten.

Stygian Iron Master: This character can now unleash the potential of Stygian Iron the way only the offspring of Hades can accomplish. Strikes with the Stygian Iron deal 4 stamina damage per turn, and hits that land deal a bleed that reduces enemy health by 3 per turn and can only be healed by Apollo magic. Furthermore, each strike that the blade hits per battle raises the weapon damage by one.

Shadow Caravan: This character has mastered their shadow traveling skill to the point where they can journey to the netherealm. This can only be done on themselves, a willing party, an unconscious opponent or an opponent that has been stunned for two turns.

Puppy Trainer: This character is capable of raising a hellhound to be obedient and Loyal without any risk of it turning against them. (Unique)


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