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Post by Castle on Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:40 am

Byond key: Dancing Dead
Character name: Anthony "Castle" Castiglione
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Desired parent: Zeus
Fatal Flaw: Ultimately, one may think Castle's fatal flaw is his excessive wrath, after all, there are plenty of stories of Zeus' wrath raining down upon those who have wronged him and those loyal to him. It is true that Castle does, in fact, possess quite a short temper that burns excessively and is easy to trigger. Known to hold grudges once his fuse has been set-off and his rage has been unleashed, in many ways it could be assumed that any one of those flaws could be his "fatal" and defining flaw, but that sentiment falls short of the mark. In Judeo-Christian canon pride is said to be the father of all the cardinal sins, including wrath. Hubris,  as it were, is the cause of his short temper, his rage, and his inability to let go of the past and not hold grudges. Castle is not limited to one flaw, though they all stem from that fatal flaw of his... Though it is fitting that the son of the King of the Gods have the same quality of weaknesses to go along with all of those extravagant strengths...
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Why does this character match the parent?: A natural and commanding leader in his social circles and on the football field, Castle has always been one whose spirit and strength resonated naturally. The prototypical "alpha" male, Castle is tall, fit, strong, handsome, and charismatic - all the trappings of a classical hero and the traditional demigod son of one such as Zeus. Also befitting his origins are the inherent character flaws that come with so much unchecked success: he is arrogant, close-minded, obtuse, stubborn, and has a compulsion to be in control and to be powerful. Castle has many of the qualities of an exceptional leader and when it comes to the more direct and simple situations it's one he'd be suited for, however, he has not gone through any trials or tribulations the way Zeus or his brother Hercules have, so he has yet to temper his positive traits with humility and wisdom.
Why do you deserve this heritage?: I'm not entitled to it but I think I would do the power and responsibilities (IC and OOC) justice.
What will you do with these powers?: Based on the state of the camp at the start of the story I think it would make sense for someone like Castle to try to insert themselves and assume a leadership role, especially as the stakes are raised and the gravity of the situation is revealed. I also am building Castle to be the antithesis to the other Zeus child as a balance to their socially-awkward character in the hopes that they both can help each other develop into more complete individuals, and I can see that going a long way towards the interaction with other people (both as a bully and leader by force and later as a friend and comrade). I also made Castle older to help accommodate such a play-style.
What other parents would you accept?: Ares


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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:21 am

Approved for Zeus


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