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Byond key: Icywood

Character name: Jackson Jones

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Desired parent: Hephaestus

Fatal Flaw: Often criticizes and overanalyzes nearly everything. Even if the object or person is not of his design, he tends to point out their flaws and potential fixes. Lack of friends at an early age, mixed with his ADHD has caused him to start talking to himself when working on a project.

Play by:

Why does this character match the parent?: They both deal with the art of smithing and have a focus on wanting to create some beautiful that they can finally be loved for. Jackson's mother was a welder, and as such taught him to work with metal like a true professional. He loves to design things and rant about their structures and what could be done to improve them. This man is a nerd.

Why do you deserve this heritage?: I love the idea of creating things and pushing past limits. The idea of a blacksmith isn't really foreign to me.

What will you do with these powers?: Create many items of (I hope)importance and involve myself with the storyline. Beyond that, maybe I could use these items to empower or weaken villains while at the same time proving myself to the others and showing that Hephaestus isn't a weak god at all.

What other parents would you accept?: Perhaps Ares, or a different minor god.

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