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DRs [Death Rewards] Empty DRs [Death Rewards]

Post by Anin on Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:12 pm


A Death reward is what you -might- get when your character dies. You can be given powers for your new character that were better than your last. This goes for you people who want to be snowflakes.

* Drs do not stack and are case by case. It all depends on your dead character and the influence he had in game such as reputation etc..*

An example  of a reward would be... if you wished to be a child of a god that was not listed. We could arrange for said person to become that god's child and create a perk or perks.

-No reward for suicide

-Putting yourself in danger during an event and trying too hard is not so good either . ( Especially if you are trying to die just to get a DR--counts as suicide--)


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