Jackson's ITUMS------(Given)

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Jackson's ITUMS------(Given) Empty Jackson's ITUMS------(Given)

Post by Icywood on Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:41 pm

Byond key: Icywood

Character name: Jackson Jones

Age: 17

Parent: Hephaestus

Weapon's Name: Pyrósvesi

Weapon description: A spiked war-hammer with a sharp tip on the top and a large, crescent-shaped spike on the back. Its blunt side is shaped like a kitchen mallet-- perfect for beating one's meat. The handle is long enough that it is usually held in a one-handed manner, but is heavy enough for it to require the strength of a Demi-God.

Weapon's Image: Jackson's ITUMS------(Given) Warhammer-Medieval-War-Hammer-Streithammer-300x211

Weapon Damage: 17-21 if Striking with the Blunt or Spiked side. The Blunt confers to blunt damage, while the spiked confers to piercing damage.

Weapon Weight: 94 Ib.

Weapon Range: 1 Tile.

Weapon abilities:

The Forge Force: The user pulls back their hammer and calls upon their connection to Hephaestus and the forge. They can use this connection to shoot out varying-sized bursts of blazing fire. Can only be used when wielding the hammer.

Smithy's Wrath: Like the Forge Force, the user calls upon their godly relation to Hephaestus and commands a boost in 'firepower'. The user can spend an unarmed attack to deal a flame-wrapped punch or can spend their movement to wrap themselves in a shield of flame.

Fire is Fire: Not an ability, but a debuff. If the user is struck by water or ice, they can not use their weapon's abilities for a singular turn.

Weapon material: This weapon is made from Celestial Bronze.

Why does this weapon match you: Jackson is a blacksmith by blood and legacy. A hammer would match him better than anything else.

Item's Name: The Tran-Z-Cog

Item's Image: Jackson's ITUMS------(Given) Matrix_of_leadership

Item's Backstory: An ancient, shape-shifting gear that was crafted by Hephaestus and handed down from generation-to-generation of Hephaestus Demi-Gods. Only those of his bloodline can command its power to its fullest. It can change shape from that of a buckler-sized shield to that of a tool that can be used in a smithy.

The Cog cannot be used to recreate sharp weapons or to enhance his own Warhammer but it can be used as an extension of the user's body-- like a necklace or a very durable chain. If the user makes it assume a shape, it is only as strong as their own skin. It can only change shape every two turns.


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Jackson's ITUMS------(Given) Empty Re: Jackson's ITUMS------(Given)

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:32 pm

Everything is approved, iron man.

The fire armor deals 5 flat damage to anyone who attacks you.


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