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Post by Oblivion333 on Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:52 pm

Byond key: Oblivion333
Character name: Eleanor Thawne
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Desired parent: Artemis
Fatal Flaw: ADHD; Arrogance, Eleanor has a base arrogance about the way she goes through life. This, however, gets multiplied tenfold when someone talks smack about her godly mother.
Playby:Oblivon's App Latest?cb=20150501181554
Why does this character match the parent?: Eleanor's father met Artemis one day, and after some time Artemis had deemed him worthy for one of her children and blessed him with Eleanor. A few years later the father marries into a wealthy family. Much to Eleanor's displeasure, she was raised to always be prim and proper. As per her being a child of Artemis, she was drawn to nature, always running off into the forest, getting dirty and playing with animals. One day, she went into the forest and saw a very strange looking beast, that was attacked and nearly killed by until the father saved her.  Every person who was there saw a huge bear, while Eleanor saw something much bigger, and much scarier. This, however, didn't stop Eleanor from being drawn to the forest and took up archery and gun range shooting as other hobbies. Naturally only one or two years after that attack, she would be brought to the Half-Blood Camp.
Why do you deserve this heritage?: I'm really into playing range based characters, especially hunters/huntresses.
What will you do with these powers?: For the most part, be a somewhat older character, who is arrogant, and boasts great thing of her real mother.
What other parents would you accept? Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite.

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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:04 pm

Approved for Artemis!


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