Calvin's Fancy items

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Calvin's Fancy items

Post by Tatsuo on Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:04 pm

Byond key: IkKaKu_09
Character name: Calvin Alexander
Age: 17
Parent: Demeter

Weapon's Name: Kleizer
Weapon description: Kleizer Is Sickle weapon, which it still has capabilities to be used as a harvesting tool, its main use is as a weapon. The blade crafted out of Imperial Gold

Weapon's Image:

Weapon Damage: 17 Dmg
Weapon Weight: 5 lbs
Weapon Range: 1 Tile
Weapon abilities:
Reap; The blade of the sickle doubles in size and detaches itself from the hilt. It then spins wildly towards aiming to 'reap' the target person or object. After a set distance the blade shrinks and returns to the weapon base unless lodged in something it cannot cut through. (I guess distance would be 3-5 tiles before it returns)

Disguise: It can transform into a Garden Hoe which is its default state.

Weapon material: Imperial Gold (Can settle for Celestial Bronze if I can't have that. Only chose it since Demeter had a blade made of this material)

Why does this weapon match you: He doesn't go anywhere without his garden hoe even when off the farm/farming area. He was told it was a gift from both his mother and father.

Item's Name: Harvester's Grip
Item's Image:
Item's Backstory: A pair of gardening gloves Calvin's father used, they seemed to never wear out despite all the work they've went through. Calvin obtained these gloves when he was old enough to do field work on his own, and despite his age, the gloves always fit.

Item's Ability:
One Size Fits All: The gloves will always fit on the owners hands regardless of size, protrusions would go through the glove as if there was an opening for them. Rips would find themselves repaired when the glove(s) were removed for 10 minutes.

Earth's Strength: The gloves grant the wearer additional strength for pushing, pulling or lifting objects they couldn't normally. The increased strength has no use in combat.

Rejuvenating Touch: While wearing these gloves and the wearer touches a dying plant, they can restore it to its living glory.


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Re: Calvin's Fancy items

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:24 am

No imperial gold.
5 tile range. 2x2 aoe.
Item approved, and allows the user to navigate through any forest or natural preserve, giving off a light towards the right path


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