Ace's Weapon/Item

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Ace's Weapon/Item

Post by Hunts Alone on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:28 pm

Byond key: Hunts Alone
Character name: Ace Smith
Age: 14
Parent: Hephaestus

Weapon's Name: Ignis
Weapon description: This "weapon" looks like an ordinary wrench. Though since this is the world of demi-gods and gods looks aren't everything. The word Ignis is ingraved into the side of this tool though it is darkened.

Weapon's Image:
Weapon Damage: 10
Weapon Weight: Small
Weapon Range: 1
Weapon abilities:
Hephaestus Flames - On this wrench there is a special ingraving spelling out the word Ignis. The user can freely activate an effect caused by this ingraving. Once activated the wrench will begin to grow hotter and hotter without it actually burning itself or the user. As it's burning the weapon will grow more and more powerful until it is at full power.(Measured by flames filling in the darkened ingravings.) Once at full power the weapon will burst into flames increasing it's damage once more. Three turns to reach full power. Each turn adds +2 damage. Full power gives +3 damage and Burn effect. Burn does 1 damage every turn once applied via direct hit by the full power wrench. Full Power last 3 turns and 3 turn cooldown for activating the wrench once full power runs out.

Weapon material: Celestial Bronze

Why does this weapon match you: Since this weapon is a wrench it's not the most suitable combat weapon, but it works in multiple situations when Ace needs to fix someone or bash someone's skull in. Quite the multi-purpose tool.

Item's Name: Tool Belt
Item's Image:
Item's Backstory: This tool belt is the thing Ace cares most about in life. It was his mother's and he keeps it on his waist to this day and makes sure that he never loses it. Before it was just a normal tool belt just used for storing things in it's capacity though same with his weapon, normal things can hold great power. The tool belt is an "infinite backpack" of sorts. It can carry unlimited things and allows Ace to summon materials he needs in that instance. The belt can summon pretty much anything as long as it isn't magically or too big. Summoning bigger things puts a cooldown on summoning things from the belt. (Sorry but this is the only thing I could think of D:)

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Re: Ace's Weapon/Item

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:01 pm

Wrench can only be swung twice per turn.

Everything else is approved.


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