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Post by Blue on Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:41 pm

Byond Key: TheTrueRedShadow
Character name: Heath Massey
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Desired parent: Athena
Fatal Flaw: Pride, Respect for his enemies.
Playby: Reddu's Athena app 9b4d73ec46980bd2f385eff5381d315c
Why does this character match the parent?: Heath is a young male that tends to think about most thinks before acting. Even as a little boy had Heath unconsciously taking decisions, which caused him to stay on the good "Path". He got the right friends, went to the best school in the country and even got a perfect girlfriend. Heath eventually got famed for his decisions and alot of people tend to ask the boy for advice.(There, a small rp thingy)
Why do you deserve this heritage?: Afther posting my Artemis app have I been thinking of a good way to make a good build and rp as a long range character. Most of my characters(if not all) have been short ranged in the past and I really like to rp that way. That's the main reason of me apping for another god.
What will you do with these powers?: I'll mainly use the powers to give those that are interested rping.
What other parents would you accept? Anything really. (except Hades, cus that'd be satanism)


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Reddu's Athena app Empty Re: Reddu's Athena app

Post by Anin on Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:00 pm

Since you are changing god and have informed me earlier. Approved.

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