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The Basics Empty The Basics

Post by Anin on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:24 pm

General Guide/Rules

  • Allowed starting age is 13-18

  • Last name is based on your Mortal Parent

  • Use common sense, no metagaming, or any shit like that.

  • Disrespect in OOC is looked down upon, and may result in punishment.

  • Rape isn't allowed. Blackscreening it is fine if both parties agree.

  • llicit sexual conduct is not allowed with players under 16.

  • Admins recieve no admin bias from the Boss.

  • Disrespecting an admin without evidence of any kind of abuse you get from that specific admin is bannable/ bootable depending on the situation.

  • Spam Relogging is annoying and can result in ban unless you are having login problems.

  • Bug Abuse will result in ban.

  • Always welcome new players, they might not have played the game before or in this kind of system. Guide each other as PCs (player characters).

  • *  1 ALT PER PERSON, 2 chars MAX.[ Alt character interaction is not allowed]*

People are only allowed to app or be a part of the LISTED gods. UNLISTED gods are DR Only.

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