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·Hera         ·Zeus
 · Poseidon        ·Demeter
·Ares              ·Athena
·Apollo             ·Artemis
·Hephaestus        ·Aphrodite
·Hermes             ·Dionysus

Game Link:

Getting Claimed
Claiming occurs when a God/Goddess acknowledges his/her demi-god offspring, usually by sending a hologram of their symbol of power to appear over the particular child's head, but some claims are unique, such as Piper McLean's when her makeup, hair, and clothes are changed to enhance her beauty.

Whenever gods have a child with a human, it was the gods choice to claim that child or not. This was a sign that the demigod child was a son or daughter of a certain god. At Camp Half-blood, being claimed is considered a great honor and they use this knowledge to sort you into the cabin of your godly parent. Before the events of The last Olympian, not every god had a cabin so a claimed child of a minor god would end up in the Hermes' cabin.
However other demigods were never claimed, even after arriving at camp. It is unknown why, but it is mentioned that even the gods lose track of all the children they have with mortals. It is all possible that some demigods aren't claimed to keep them safe, as once a demigod learns who they are, they may begin to attract monsters that wouldn't have noticed them before. At Camp Half-Blood, any unclaimed demigod was also placed in Hermes' Cabin. New campers normally being claimed at the campfire.

--You can gm help to be claimed, BUT the admin will not narrate your claiming icly to put you on the spotlight. However, you will technically be claimed and receive your starting perk which takes away 10 pp. All starting perks are locked and can only be given by admin request when you wish to be claimed. 

For those who wish to wait: People will be given a sign that shows a god has accepted them as his or her child  usually during an event. Thus claiming them. Claiming happen differently and will be done as an icly narrate-- if you wish to prove yourself to the admin. Once you are claimed, you will receive your starting perk to be able to begin going down your perk tree. ( If you have not applied, then the admin will pick a god for you  depending on what he/she deems fits your character when you are claimed.)

The 13 Cabins: 

Cabin One: Zeus' Cabin 

Cabin Two: Hera's Cabin ( No Inhabitants-The cabin only stands to honor her as Queen)

Cabin Three: Poseidon's Cabin 

Cabin Four: Demeter's Cabin 

Cabin Five: Ares' Cabin 

Cabin Six: Athena's Cabin

Cabin Seven: Apollo's Cabin 

Cabin Eight: Artemis' Cabin

Cabin Nine: Hephaestus's Cabin

Cabin Ten: Aphrodite's Cabin

Cabin Eleven: Hermes' Cabin

Cabin Twelve: Dionysus' Cabin

Cabin Thirteen: Hades' Cabin

*A spot with The Big 3 needs to be approved by an admin*
[Zeus,Poseidon,&Hades' Children]

~Always put in other gods that are not of the big three in your choices or your app will not be approved!!~

**Everyone who applies for a god will recieve a weapon of their choice and the abillity to apply for 1 magical item( you have to place an app at the 'other apps' section for weapon/item). Those who don't apply for a god will not recieve these benefits when they get claimed.**

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