Jennette's stuffies----(Given)

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Jennette's stuffies----(Given)

Post by Oblivion333 on Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:17 pm

Byond key: Fireywood
Character name: Jennette Smith
Age: 16
Parent: Aphrodite

Weapon's Name: Love Hurts
Weapon description: It's a gold charm bracelet, with six small charms on it. (Charms being: daggers, A short sword, a shield, crossbow, a spear, and a glaive). It was crafted with such beauty. A truly amazing bracelet. The colors seemed to change, it was strange to watch if you looked long enough.

Weapon's Image:
Weapon Damage: Daggers, Crossbow (5 damage) Short sword, Spear (7 damage) Glaive (12 damage)
Weapon Weight: N/A
Weapon Range: All Melee, Crossbow 2-6 range
Weapon abilities:

Charm Create The charms on the bracelet flash pink, and it creates that charm to full size. All the weapons are adorned with pink and cutesie little decorations. This can only be done in one charm out at a time. Though the only exception being a shield can be summoned with every charm except the crossbow and daggers. This can only happen every other turn.

Stinging Love: The adornments upon the weapons glow bright, and now do extra magic damage on the next landing blow. (2d4)

Heartbreaker: The weapon flows with negative magic, the feeling of a broken heart. The next landing blow, makes it seem as if the person had just lost the person they love, stunning them for a turn. (Four turn cooldown)
Weapon Material: Celestial Bronze

Why does this weapon match you: This matches Jennette, because she is the type to always be prepared, in case she had to help someone or do something. It's sort of like her all in one thing. Her mother Aphrodite would enchant it for her so she can always be prepared.

Item's Name: Earrings of Natural Beauty.
Item's Image:
Item's Backstory: These earrings were made from celestial bronze, and a bright vibrant amethyst. Aphrodite gave them the ability to bring out the true beauty in everyone around them. This being, they make the person wearing them able to change clothing on people, given it was only able to change their appearance not the physical ability of the clothing, and that only lasted for one day before reverting.


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Re: Jennette's stuffies----(Given)

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:03 pm

Heartbreaker does not effect people in the Hades, Artemis or Athena cabin.



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