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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:24 pm

Dionysus' Descendant: As a child of the god of insanity, wine, and parties, this character has a stronger body, and capable of producing grapevines and their produce.

Alcohol influence: This character can take a drink of any alcoholic beverage and receive a flat 5 hp boost to their hit point that breaks their base hp cap. Consumes action and movement.

Levitation: This character can start to levitate off the ground once they have drank three or more alcoholic beverages. This allows them to avoid ground based attacks, and can move at their full tile movement, but they are still vulnurable to weapon sized medium or larger.
Loose of movement: This character gains an additional five agility for every alcoholic beverage they drink. Caps at a 20 boost.

Speed Drinker: This character is capable of both drinking and moving at the same time. This character no longer requires to root themselves in order to drink.

Alcohol resistance: This character can now drink up to six times per battle, rather then the base three.

Ivy Protection: This character can create grape vines that shoot up and wrap either around a target, rooting both the user and the victim (using control as strength) or wraps around themselves to protect them against incoming spells.

Alcohol restoration: This character's hp is now boosted by 10 per drink, and they gain a tile per drink consumes.

Drunken Boxing: After consuming a drink, this character is much more difficult to hit, allowing them an additional 2 to their dodge roll per drink, and glancing dodges are considered full dodges.

Party Time: Allies in battle with this drunkard recieve a boost of two tiles to their overall movement, so as long as this character has drank three or more beverages.

Relaxing Presence: This character passively creates an aura of relaxation around them, doubling the speed of healing, and allows this character to rest while moving at the cost of an action.


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