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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:59 pm

Child of Iron and Fire: This character has been claimed by the god of forges, fire and steel. They are strong, resilient, and capable of using fire magic.
Note:Buy in perk

Fire Mastery 1: This character has dipped into their innate skill with fire magic. They can now cast spells that deal 20 damage, and 20 speed. Damage caps at their control.

Iron Skin: This character is capable of reducing damage they take from any source by 10, innately.

Basic creations: This character can make objects that are considered simple, such as non-magical weapons, and tools.

Quick repair: This character can repair up to 10 damage made on their machines, or instantly repair an object that has less hp than 10.

Apprentice Creations: This character can create objects that take much more skill than before. They are capable of creating a sentry gun, and explosives.

Fire Mastery 2: This character has advanced their training with their elemental magic, and can now increase the damage and speed of their techniques to 40. Damage caps at their control.

Hammer Master: This character can effectively use a hammer to repair objects, and when using it for this purpose, the effective hit points it can restore is increased by 5. When used as a weapon, the stamina cost is reduced by 2, and it is considered an aoe.

Repairkrieg: This character is capable of restoring up to 20 damage made on their machine, and instantly fixing anything with lower than that instantly.

Advanced Creations: This character is capable of making cutting edge leaps in the tech field. Creating helmets with nightvision, a HUD, and even a zoom feature are all feats that this character is capable of.

Fire Mastery 3: This character has become a master in their training, and can now increase the damage and speed of their spells all the way up to 60. Damage caps at control.

Basic Mecha: This character has become a maser of iron, and is capable of creating giant mechanic piloted destroyers who are capable of close range combat, and carry large rifles.

Advanced Mecha: This character is capable of having up to three additional special weapons on their mecha, and for about three rounds, have it capable of of piloting itself.

Call Alpha 5: This character has created a small annoying but somewhat loveable robot that is capable of working in their cabin, and issuing a mecha to their location. The time from when the mecha is called to when it arrives is about three turns.

Need Megazord Power, now!: This character has mastered their mecha to the point where it can actually transform and work as a secondary add-on to a new mecha, creating even larger and stronger mechas than before. Limit of an additonal two.

Fire prof 4: This character has reached a god tier at their elements. They can now creating fire that can turn people into ash nearly instantly, and moving faster than most can even react. 80 speed and damage. Damage caps at control.

Master Mecha: Mechas created by this character are capable of fighting at levels that could rival gods, and can fuse with up to four other Mechas for maximum power.


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