Saihyō, Sen- Descendant of Dionsyus

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Saihyō, Sen- Descendant of Dionsyus Empty Saihyō, Sen- Descendant of Dionsyus

Post by SKS on Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:38 pm

Byond key:Superkaiokensonic
Character name: Saihyō, Sen
Sex: Female
Desired parent:Dionsyus

Fatal Flaw: She is a procrastinator, she lacks self-motivation to perform certain actions if she sees no value in it within the moment. She finds it easy to show kindness and just as easy to discard emotions or show no emotional comfort or support when its desperately needed, making certain people dislike her. And even worse, should she not go at least one day without an alcoholic beverage, she will snap into a homocidal rage.


Why does this character match the parent?: Suffers from a serious amount of depression due to not having a father figure in her life and losing her mother upon birth, she was taken in by not the greatest people and was nothing more but someone to take their anger out on, she never really felt loved by her own family and was a misfit to society thus making her an introvert and turning to alcohol and anime/manga to remove her mind from what's really wrong with her.  the more she breaks, the more she needed the alcohol to dull the knife that is her very existence and with her semi-permanent intoxicated mind, she strives to make every individual she truly cares about to have them be in a permanent state of euphoria and mania.

Why do you deserve this heritage?:  I don't "deserve" it, I'm just  willing to put forth every effort to play it well and show everyone including myself a good time.

What will you do with these powers?: I'll play more of a supportive roll once I manage to get Relaxing Presence and Party Time, but until then, I'll utilize the alcohol consumption to the best of my abilities and not bite off more than I can chew until my RP demands it.

What other parents would you accept?:I'd prefer Poseidon and Hermes thank you very much.


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Saihyō, Sen- Descendant of Dionsyus Empty Re: Saihyō, Sen- Descendant of Dionsyus

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