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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:14 pm

Child of War: This character is the spawn of the god of war. They are strong, fast and durable,
and capable of launching powerful attacks in blinding speed.

Weapon Master: This character is capable of using any weapon as if it was natural to them, lowering it's stamina requirement to one, and granting them access to the special weapon abillity.

Weapon Manipulation: This character can control weapons with their innate magic, and use it to attack opponents. The amount of damage that these weapons can inflict is limited to 20, capped by strength.

Bulletproof: This character's skin is tough as steel, when hit by a sharpened weapon, the damage scaling is considered blunt, and strikes that would normally send this character flying is reduced by half knock back.

Clarity of Pain: This character can deal 1d6 damage to themselves in order to bolster their will against a mind maipulating attack, whether it be from a monster, Dionsyus' demigod, or an Aphrodite demigod.

Body Control: This character's damage and ill efffects by Poison, disease, starvation and physical debuffs are effectively cut in half.

Deny Death: Roll a 1d20, if this character rolls a 1-15, they can survive a fatal blow with a single hit point, and if it is 16 or above, they can survive and become engulfed in a war glow that restores their hit points up to twenty.

Weapon Manipulation 2: This character is capable of more expertly controlling their telekinetic weapons, and as such the cap for this weapon damage is now 40. Caps at Strength.

Dispel Critical: Critical attacks that this character makes negates magical charge ups, and dispels pre-existing magical structures or bodies of water.

Heroic Defiance: This character can will themselves out of a stun, or any debuff that hinders their ability to attack, in order to land a 100% chance critical strike. Limit of once per battle.

Weapon Manipulation 3: This character is a master of weapon manipulation, and their weapons strike much harder than before. Raises damage cap to 60. Caps at Strength.

Critical Champion: This character's abillity to land criticals is raised to only having to be a 25 difference, and they passively gain an additional 5 damage on their rolls.

Power strike: This character sacrifices 10 agility on their roll in order to increase their weapon damage by half of their strength for a single strike.

Weapon Manipulation 4: This character is god tier with their manipulation of weapons, and can launch attacks that deal up to 80 weapon damage, capped by their strength.


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