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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:17 pm

Beautiful Birth: This character is a child of the Goddess of Beauty, and is innately more beautiful than words could ever describe. They are incredibly strong, fast and have the magical ability to control the world around them. Charmspeak relies on control.

Flirtatious Wink: This character can target a single human-like entity and flirtatiously wink at it, causing it to stop an attack it is doing if it fails a roll against this character. Control versus Control.

Charmspeak Buff: This character can speak to another character, even in the midst of a non-noisy battle, and increase their physical stats by 5. This character has to be within 3 tiles for it to be active. Wears off after three rounds.

Charmspeak distraction: This character can speak to another being, regardless of it's ability to speak back, and negatively influence their stats by 5. This character has to be within 3 tiles for it to be active. Wears off after three rounds.

Jewelry Manipulation: This character can manipulate jewelry, while not seeming that powerful at first, allows them to passively enchant items with magic, depending on their overall magical potential.

Charmspeak Greater buff: This character can charmspeak up to two other character's and raise their stats by 10. This character has to be within 5 tiles. to remain active. Wears off after 5 rounds.

Charmspeak mind warp: This character can charmspeak up to two enemies and lower their physical stats by 10. This character has to be within 5 tiles for it to remain active. Lasts for 5 rounds.

Reinvigorating Kiss: This character can kiss the cheek or hand of an ally and actively restore 1d10 stamina to them if they have over 10 stamina. Below 10 and this is boosted to a 1d30. Twice per battle limit.

Dove/ Swan call: This character can use doves or swans as messengers that could be used to communicate long range, even allowing them to charmspeak their target for 1/2 the effectiveness of a close range Charmspeak.

Trick of Beauty: This character can warp the vision of their target to see something that is inherently dangerous to be something attractive and appealing. This single target recieves either a -10 to their dodge roll or a +10 to their taken damage in a given round.

Rousing Cry: This character, when falling below 50 health, can call for help of their immediate allies, and everyone who heeds to the call gains a 15 boost to their physical stats (does not stack with their charmspeak), and an additional four tiles for the round.

Distraction of the Beautiful: This character can warp the mind of the easily charmed (Everyone but Athena/Demeter/Hades children) in order to stop them from attacking them for the rest of the battle, instantly ending the fight in the favor of this character if it is single combat. On a critical, this character is capable of forcing their opponent to attack their allies in a lust/love-filled berserk state.

Empathy: This character can sense emotions like a sixth sense, and therefore stealth attacks are rendered useless against them. This even applies to things that are only living at a basic sense, like plants or weapons with a consciousness.


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