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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:20 pm

Speed Demon Descendant: This character is the child of the god of thieves, and messengers, allowing them access to speed that could outrun even the most speedy of all demigods.

Speed Dash: This character can temporarily add their control to their speed stat in a single line as they evade an attack, or to get to their location faster. Consumes action and movement.

Speed attack: This character can cut their overall damage in half in order to perform a speedy attack that increases their agility by half their speed.

Thievery: This character can swipe a small weapon or item off their opponent (provided its not attached too much, such as a shirt or armor) and take it from them as they speed along their opponent.

Speeding Fist: This character can focus their speed into their hand as they travel at full speed towards their opponent and deliver a strike that adds their entire speed stat towards their strength and uses every 10 control as knockback distance.

Touch of Speed: This character can touch an ally's shoulder to enhance them with speed, letting them move at the top speed of this character.

Quiet steps: This character can race along at half speed without making any noise, and without setting up any kind of trap or sensor.

Wind Racer: This character can move at full speed without making any noise, even on grounds that are undeniably loud. They don't set off any sensors, traps, and can even move fast enough to disarm them as they move through the ground.

Sleight of Hand:This character can move past a target and switch any medium or smaller item with another item of their choice. Alternatively, they can switch a projectile being loaded, or even turn the weapon on their target so that they shoot themselves. Consumes action and movement. Medium items fall to their owner's feet.

Infinity Run: This character moves without expending a noticeable amount of energy. Movement consumes no stamina, when running at full speed, it only consumes 1.

Faster than the eye: This character can seemingly root themselves in order to launch four unarmed attacks at a distance of four tiles. Blurry afterimages attack their targets.

Smack my b*** up: This character can blink away from an attack, and appear behind another opponent to launch a suprise attack, or alternatively, appear within half their tile range. This is not an instant dodge, but it does add 20 to their roll. 3 turn cooldown.

Speed Blitz: This character can perform up to six unarmed attacks on a character that is rooted, and remove their armor, and weapons, leaving them their maximum tiles away. Consumes 5 stamina.


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