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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:53 pm

Brain Child: This character was conceived of a virgin birth by the Goddess Athena. They are incredibly intelligent, genius level, and possess great strength, speed and reflexes.

Weapon Master: This character is capable of using any weapon as if it was natural to them, lowering it's stamina requirement to one, and granting them access to the special weapon abillity.

Pure Magic Control: This character can unleash a colored magic blast that is focused on their inherent physical strength. 20 limit. Caps with Strength.

Back to Back: Characters within three tiles of this character, and this character themselves, are immune to flanks.

Brilliant Planner: This character and their allies can choose to purchase a weapon, perk or item as if they had planned for a contingency mid combat.

Cartwheel dodge: This character can move up to half their tiles upon a successful dodge roll. Anyone that is capable of making an attack on them when they move to an adjacent tile is capable of doing so. 3 turn cooldown.

Critical Champion: This character's abillity to land criticals is raised to only having to be a 25 difference, and they passively gain an additional 5 damage on their rolls.

Coordinated Blast: This character can plan out magical attacks, that would normally attack allies and manipulate them inherently so that they do not inflict friendly fire.

Pure Magic Control 2: This character has enhanced their magic to new heights, and is capable of increasing damage and speed to 40. Caps with user's strength.

Cut your losses: This character can grab 1 object or person, and immediately pull them out of harms way. During their flee, they gain four tiles and cannot be attack at close range.

Combat Analysis: This character can roll a 10 sided die for each time this character has clashed with their opponent, and gain that amount as Temporary overcapped HP for their fight.

Strategy: This character can focus on one opponent that they would like to defeat, and spend hours painstakingly thinking of ways that they can beat them. For each OOC day spent planning, this character gains 5 per stat against that target. Caps at 30.

Pure Magic Control 3: This character magic has increased to reach up to 60 damage and speed. Caps with the user's strength.

Mastered Mind Reading: This character has taken their abillity to read minds to the next level, allowing them to predict the opponent's next action innately, and they gain a passive 10 to their dodge roll.

Pure Magic Control 4: This character's magical abillity has increased to near god levels. 80 damage and speed cap. Caps with user's strength.


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