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Jack Pierces weapon Empty Jack Pierces weapon

Post by Brokegood on Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:31 pm

Byond key: Brokethemurky
Character name: Jack Pierce
Age: 16
Parent: hermes

Weapon's Name: The thief's knuckles
Weapon description: brass knuckles with spikes on them easy to conceal easy to fight with they do tend to pack a punch not easy to break.
Weapon's Image:Jack Pierces weapon C140549214bc79ae288460422274c3a2--brass-knuckles-piercings
Weapon Damage: 10
Weapon Weight: 1 pounds
Weapon Range: depends how far you can throw a punch
Weapon abilities:none.
Weapon material:Celestial bronze

Why does this weapon match you: helps me sneak around and treasure hunt helps me steal and all that jazz I aim to be a massive thief and treasure hunter I need a silent weapon to do that with.

Item's Name: Watch of speed
Item's Image: Jack Pierces weapon BlackGold.Front_7512ebdb-317b-440f-9eb5-52087c3ff3be_grande
Item's Backstory: A watch given to him by his mother when jack got it all it had was a note on it "Time yourself" is all it said. gives you a speed boost a small one. the draw back? it drains a lot out of you to use the longer you use it.

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Jack Pierces weapon Empty Re: Jack Pierces weapon

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:47 pm

For a light weapon, 10 is a lot, since you hit twice per turn, but since you didn't really add a weapon abillity, it's fine.
What you did put is vague as shit, so I'll just put that it adds an additional 1d2 damage for every successful dodge you make on an opponent. Op asf.

The watch seems lame, tbh, what's with you people and stat boosts, nah, make something nicer, or something more specific with drawbacks and cooldowns.


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