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Those of Zeus-:
Zeus Guide RLakPoh

As a son or daughter of Zeus, the kind of the gods, you are blessed with more power than most other demigod could ever dream of. Your best stats are strength, endurance and magic/control.


Descendant of Zeus: This character has been claimed by the presiding leader of the Olympians and has been gifted with lightning magic, strength and a tough body.
Note:Buy in perk

Lightning/Wind Mastery 1: This character has dipped into their innate skill with wind and lightning magic. They can now cast spells that deal 20 damage, and 20 speed. Damage caps at their control.

Anti-Magical body: This character is innately strong against earth, water, wind, lightning and light magic. When hit by these type of spells, they instantly reduce damage by 10 after calculations.

Lightning/Wind Mastery 2: This character has advanced their training with their elemental magic, and can now increase the damage and speed of their techniques to 40. Damage caps at their control.

Life-bound: When being healed, this character can gain increased hit points equal to their overcapped hp. This hp last as many turns as their pp can be divided with by 20.

Lightning Bolt: This character can effectively use the Lightning bolt weapon to it's full effectiveness. Bolts that deal damage over 20 daze, and over 40 stun. Stamina cost reduced to 3.

Lightning/Wind Mastery 3: This character has become a master in their training, and can now increase the damage and speed of their spells all the way up to 60. Damage caps at control.

Flight: This character has become attuned enough with their wind magic to take to the sky without issue. In flight, they can move half their tiles, are immune to ground based attacks and close range combat techniques.

Elemental Tattoo: This character taken the mark of one of their two innate elements, while using this choosen element, they passively gain 10 power that breaks their control cap.

Lightning Bolt Master: This character can use the lightning bolt to the point where even Zeus himself would be impressed. Attacks that hit leave passive damage over the course of the next 5 turns that deal a constant 5 damage and prevent magical healing. Stamina Cost reduced to 1.

Strength of the King: This character is a true monster when it comes to bodily strength, and is capable of lifting and heaving objects that most would find impossible. When it comes to tests of strength against creatures or other demigod/gods, this character gains 17 in this stat, and in the case of a tie, comes out the winner.

Lightning/ Wind prof 4: This character has reached a god tier at their elements. They can now send out lightning that is capable of frying people nearly instantly, and moving faster than most can even react. 80 speed and damage. Damage caps at control.

Lightning Blitz: This character surges forward using their control as their speed stat to grab their opponent, and put them into a grapple. Control versus target's speed.


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