A True Bastard of Ares

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A True Bastard of Ares Empty A True Bastard of Ares

Post by Rukiaheart on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:37 am

Byond key: Rukiaheart
Character name: Michael 'Mike' Isaac
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Desired parent: Ares
Fatal Flaw: Anti-socialism, low self esteem, and wrath. Essentially, he is the rarer form of bastard child. The type wherein the father leaving the mother to raise him alone causes emotions of anger, regret, and even contempt when they see their child, who they are growing to be, and how similar they are to the other parent. Physical and mental abuse from his mother, as well as an obvious discontent with him on her part causes him to have extremely low self-esteem, and find it hard to believe he impresses others - especially her. On top of that, when he does get a grip of his powers, and something pisses him off, his anger becomes excessive and wild. Due to a lack of content with himself, he generally avoids others, and doesn't like drawing attention to himself.

Playby: A True Bastard of Ares 1405937-matthew

Why does this character match the parent?: He has the inner sense of a warrior, even if at times he can't fully utilize it. He enjoys swordplay, and one of the things he had always enjoyed was reading and watching stories about knights, and swordplay. He grew up in a rural area, and around ten organized a stick sword-fighting club out in the woods - he was the best of the club, and accidentally broke a kid's arm in a fit of rage when the kid outsmarted him in swordplay. Like Ares, he is initially calm and calculated - but when it comes down to having to bite the bullet, he becomes untamed, and wild.

Why do you deserve this heritage?: I like to play characters who have amazing potential, but are too psychologically flawed initially in order to utilize it in a successful manner - the kind who overcomes odds through time and support given by the friends they make.

What will you do with these powers?: That depends entirely on what happens ICly, honestly.

What other parents would you accept?: Heph.

(The reason he's a 'True Bastard' of Ares is that he will initially lack the self confidence that Ares has, and only gain it in fits of rage until he gains better control of himself.)

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A True Bastard of Ares Empty Re: A True Bastard of Ares

Post by Anin on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:46 am

Approved for Ares.

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