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Combat Rules Y4Qs7Jb
Stat Descriptions-

The physical strength of a character*. This primarily measures their striking ability-- it can be used as a vague gauge of a character's physical ability, but should not be considered a consistent end all be all representation of all around strength.

*This is not to be used as a representation of all physical situations or the deciding numerical factor of one's complete and total physical ability. Please read the entire definition of the strength stat.

The durability of a character*. This primarily measures a character's defensive ability-- it is used as a vague guide to determine how much damage a character receives. Endurance is entirely contextual. At any given moment is can apply to one's equipped items, their skin, their guard specifically, their bones, or whatever else that might be taking the blunt of a blow.

The reactionary speed of a character. This measures the capacity for a character to react to attacks and their swiftness in initiating attacks.

The action speed of a character. This measures a character's rate of movement and action. It also determines the rate of travel for your character from one space to another.

The physical energy of a character. This stat represents your character's physical rewards. Any action the body takes drains stamina.

The potency of a character's magic. This stat is very vague- and in its conception it wasn't really clear. Despite the name, it doesn't refer exclusively to magic control, or magic, or any specific thing. It is best described vaguely, as simply a person's magic power, magic potency, magic skill, and so on. It plays primarily in the mastery and the scaling of spells.

The life force of a character. This stat determines a character's health-- their ability to live on, fight on, and the capacity they have for pain and damage.

The capacity of a character to sustain damage. This determines how much of a beating, how much blood loss, and how weak your character can become before they are left defenseless*.

*Defenseless is a state in which your character can be killed. They are either extremely exhausted, knocked unconscious, wounded, or otherwise unable to defend themselves.

Basic/Overall Combat Information

Base-Movement: 3 tiles
Max-Movement: +1 tile per 10
Back Pedaling: -3 tile movement down to 1 to avoid CQC
Unarmed Attack: -1 stamina Per unarmed attack, not per turn.
Base Number of Weapon Projectiles you can throw: 3 max unless you wield perks/weapons that say otherwise.
Purposely Avoiding Eye Contact without Indirect Fighter: -32 Agility

*Soft tissue Vital Points (eyes, inside the mouth, etc.) can not be targeted as a means to avoid endurance until the target is knocked out by some means.*

Action/Movement - Every turn in combat you are allowed one action and one movement unless you have a perk saying otherwise. Below are a breakdown of what counts as an action and movement.

Attack -- Only 1 limb may be used per attack, allowing for 5 attacks in a single turn (1 for each leg, 1 for each hand, and the head), or one weapon strike unless using an ability) Consumes action.
Throw Weapon -- Throws weapons at the expense of said weapons stamina cost. Consumes action.

Magic -- Magic does not need to be flashed until it is ready to fire, but it must be clearly prepared. Consumes action.

Block -- Dedicated block; cut incoming damage from the front 1/2 (when used with weapon, the weapon damage is added to the user's endurance, if the user takes damage that is higher than the weapon damage, then the weapon breaks and user takes 2/3rd damage). True damage is cut by 1/4th instead. Consumes movement.

Move -- Re-position your character, 3 tiles + (speed/10). Consumes movement.

Back Pedaling -- Re-position your character to avoid CQC. -3 tiles down to 1. Consumes movement.

Rest -- Restores 2 stamina per turn. Consumes movement & action.

Regenerating Stamina

If a character rests during a turn and performs no actions, they may recover 2 stamina for that turn.

Depleting Your Reserves

At 0 stamina, you are incapable of acting, or dodging.

If your health reaches 0, so does your stamina. You fall into a defenseless state where you can be killed or severely injured.

Damage Calculations


Magic Power --
Non Aoe's use combat roll: If the spell's power is greater than the defender's endurance, it deals that as damage. If the endurance is higher, then the damage is reduced by the difference between the enemy's endurance and the power of the spell.

Unless specified, magic is not considered an AOE.

Aoe's require as much speed from the target in order for them to evade.

Physical Attacks --
Blunt Damage --
Base unarmed damage is 6; + or - 2 for every 10 strength/endurance difference.

Pierce Damage --
Base pierce damage is [Weapon Damage]; +4 or -4for every 10 strength/endurance difference.

Attacking from an opponent's sides or rear reduces their ability to defend themselves.

Side Attacks --
When a character attacks from the side, the agility of the defender is reduced by -16.

Back Attacks --
When a character attacks from the back, the agility of the defender is reduced by -32.

Side Effects

  • Silence -- This character can not cast.
  • Paralyze -- This character can not act.
  • Stun -- This character is completely incapacitated or otherwise rendered helpless.
  • Bleed -- This character loses 2 health per turn.
  • Root -- This character can not move.
  • Suppressed -- This character can not act, move.
  • Slow -- This is considered any tile-movement reducing effect.
  • Delay -- The action of the character is delayed until a later turn.

Other Effects

  • Cleanse -- This character removes crowd control (specifically stated or general).
  • Hard Cleanse -- This character removes all hard control.
  • Instant-Cast -- This ability can be used instantaneously
  • (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Initiative -- This ability takes priority before other actions in a turn.
  • Pre-Emptive -- This ability absolutely occurs just before the turn itself occurs.
  • Vamp -- This ability steals a value from one player and adds it to another.
  • Non-Reactionary -- This ability can not be responded to if contact is made. (Such as with projectile reactions)
  • Drowning -- This character is rooted and suffers -4 stamina and -2 health per turn.

Projectiles in Combat

Ranged attacks that moves independently of a user's body.

Projectile Speed -- Projectiles have a base speed that can be increased through specific outlets (from which those outlets will directly state their effect on projectile speed). 

Each turn a projectile is active, they move [Projectile Speed / 10] in tiles. 

60 speed would equate to 6 tiles; 64 speed would equate to 6 tiles; 69 speed would equate to 6 tiles. 

Anyone within their range at the end of a turn, will be hit by the projectile and be forced to deal with it.

Reacting to projectiles

When a character is in danger of being struck, they have three options.

Block -- If the character has half the agility of the projectile's speed, they can perform a block action. On top of basic endurance calculations for the damage type, the blocker reduces the damage of the projectile by 1/2. Blocks root the blocker and take up an action.

Evade -- If the character has equal to or greater than agility than the projectile's speed, they gain the ability to react and access to a 1 tile defensive movement. The amount of tiles a character can move after the initial 1 tile is 100% based on the speed stat.

Counter -- A counter action can be made so long as a character can perform it in a single turn and is not otherwise preoccupied. This allows them to attack in an attempt to cancel out a projectile's power. This can be throwing weapons to counteract another weapon, using a defensive spell that they can complete in a single turn, performing some kind of melee attack that can deflect or parry the projectile, and so on. These need to make sense.

Close Quarters Combat

When an enemy is within 1 tile of you, you both are then engaged in close quarters combat (CQC). 

While in CQC your overall movement speed is reduced by -3 tiles down to 1 tile minimum.

In order to flank an opponent while in CQC you need +17 speed over their speed to flank from the side and +32 speed over their speed to flank from behind.

Determine a hit

Both players roll a 60 sided die, then add their agility to it, the one with the higher number is considered the winner. I.E either dodging or landing a hit.

Between 1 and 10: Glancing blow, reduced to 1/4th damage. (Applies to either winner)

Between 11 and 20: A Solid blow.

20 and 30: A dramatic blow: Either knock-backs an opponent 2 tiles or deals bleeding damage with a weapon.

30+: Critical, weapon damage is doubled before any other buffs.


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