Yakov, Ivanoff - Application--------(given)

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Yakov, Ivanoff - Application--------(given) Empty Yakov, Ivanoff - Application--------(given)

Post by Carpainter on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:25 am

Byond key: HappyHappyKlan
Character name: Yakov, Ivanoff
Age: 16
Parent: Dionysus

Weapon's Name: Yakov's Whip. (He doesn't take much interest in the details of naming a whip.)
Weapon description: This whip is said to be made from the dying grape vines grown in the Heavens. Most often shaped as a classical whip, it has other functions which haven't been fully understood yet.

Weapon's Image: Yakov, Ivanoff - Application--------(given) 1398018042746
Weapon Damage: 10 Damage, an additional five is just unresistable.
Weapon Weight: 10 Pounds
Weapon Range: Two tiles regularly.
Weapon Abilities: This whip has the ability to extend, though this ability is more so an extension of someone that reigns from Dionysus's lineage than an actual innate property. At maximum length it can lengthen two times its original length. (Four Tiles) While a given due to its material and form, the whip can effectively split into three prongs for a more effective means of attacking. This in essence makes each prong a third less damaging but lets it cover a wider range. (Making the last tile, three tiles wide encompassing an arc. Another method used occasionally used is turning it into a lasso, it can restrain most things of human size. Its other possible applications haven't been explored yet.
Weapon Material: Its made of very durable rope-like material, though reasonably so its subject to possible breaking. Cutting it is a difficult task, however it can burn. In the case it does, another can always be replicated though it must given in the form of a blessing.

Why does this weapon match you: My character is quite wild and untamed in various respects, most weapons are typical swords or things of similar nature. But in my opinion, I couldn't see my character being the way they are doing something typical. The unusual means always dawns to them much more.

Item's Name: Pythagoras Cup
Item's Image: Yakov, Ivanoff - Application--------(given) 518xz6MmwdL._SY300_
Item's Backstory: This cup is said to have been given to Pythagoras himself originally by Dionysus. This cup functions like every other cup, yet it has a unique property to it. Should a user will it, the user can store any beverage filled into the cup, inside the cup. The properties aren't completely understood, but it grants the ability to store any liquid into it for an indefinite period of time. Though one can't take more than one put it. Many have noted that its magic is linked to Dionysus's unique abilities.

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Yakov, Ivanoff - Application--------(given) Empty Re: Yakov, Ivanoff - Application--------(given)

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:07 pm

No 5 damage ignoring endurance.
Two tile range but low damage as a medium weapon.
Four tile range is ridiculous without a root.
As a lasso, it's control versus strength.

The chalice always refills, just like that thing from harry potter.
An additional effect is that once per day it can turn into an anti toxin, even if the user does not know what the cure would be.


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