Saihyō, Sen- Weapon and item application

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Saihyō, Sen- Weapon and item application Empty Saihyō, Sen- Weapon and item application

Post by SKS on Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:36 pm

Byond key: Superkaiokensonic
Character name: Saihyō, Sen
Age: 18
Parent: Dionsyus

Weapon's Name: Yotta Kyōki (Drunken Madness)
Weapon description: It is a well-crafted sixty-five inched vantablack blade with an emerald green outline on the sharp end, it looks simple enough, but it comes with a black chain that can be wrapped around the user's arm rather firmly, allowing it to not only be used as a melee weapon, but it can be tossed like a projectile and manipulated through the air like a flying guillotine. Its a sword made handcrafted by Dionsyus' best blacksmiths and blessed by the God himself as well as bathed in the finest wine of

(Weapon Description cont'd) Katana Usage:While being wielded, the user can intoxicate themselves and draw out blood into it, thus invoking the insanity that the God of Dionsyus himself represents, it increases the physical status of the user in terms of strength, speed and agility while consuming the user's intoxication status before it harshly consumes the user's stamina. While in this state, the user's sclera is a shade of grey as their pupils become slits.

Flying Guillotine Usage: At the cost of three stamina points (For activation alone.), the user of the blade and extend the chain outwards and make the weapon take on all combat characteristics of the ancient Chinese weapon, thus increasing their reach of attack by four more tiles, and since its in this state with increased momentum, its damage and speed is naturally increased.

Weapon's Image:

Weapon Damage: Katana Mode: 21, Guillotine Mode: 29
Weapon Weight: 1.3kg (The Katana itself) an additional pound and a half for the chains.
Weapon Range: 1-2 with the base Katana.  4-5 in Guillotine mode.
Weapon abilities: Dionsyus' bastard, its the primary ability of the Yotta Kyoki, should the user cut themselves with this blade, they will be giving up the blood as a sacrifice, but the blood must be of that of Dionsyus himself in order to work, thus granting the user only a tiny ounce of his power, the darker side of it if you will, driving the user into a state of pandemonium and animosity momentarily for an increase in power but it eats away at the user's intoxication status before it attacks the user's stamina twice as hard.

Dance of the Boozehound: While intoxicated, the user can sacrifice one stack of intoxication to fire off a slash of compressed energy through the Yotta Kyoki which deals slicing damage at amazing speeds and reach.

Weapon material: Celestial Bronze

Why does this weapon match you: While using the weapon to its fullest capacity, it taps into the internal conflicts of Sen, what's truly hiding behind her intoxication and seemingly good nature, once she steps into the battlefield and its all or nothing, her mind begins to take lapses in judgment as well as logic, her mind is no longer that of one who would sit in a room all day and drink, her mind is of that of a cold blooded machine.

Item's Name: Chains of Alteration
Item's Image:
Item's Backstory: Created alongside the Yotto Kyoki, these chains were designed to be supportive weapons that are created with the sole purpose of inflicting the drunken status on its target, if they are not descendants of Dionsyus, and they are remained latched to the target for longer than a turn, they will become drunk and lower their stats by 5 until the 4th turn, once they somehow are stuck by then, they will fall unconscious and experience a Hangover after they come to. (To break free, the target's strength must be higher than the user's)


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Saihyō, Sen- Weapon and item application Empty Re: Saihyō, Sen- Weapon and item application

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:13 pm

No boost. A katana? Really?
Making it increase range either roots you or lowers damage.
Neither and boosting is broken and just no.

Not two weapons. A weapon and an item....


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