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Raishae - Daughter of Athena Empty Raishae - Daughter of Athena

Post by BatteriesNotIncluded on Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:40 pm

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Character name: Raishae


Sex: Female

Desired parent:Athena

Fatal Flaw: Her curiosity drives her to need to know everything about anything that interests her. She would use the intelligence gifted to her from Athena, to solve any riddles, problems, or puzzles that would stop her curiosity, consequences of her actions be damned.


Why does this character match the parent?:
She excelled well in the various schools she went to, Her foster family was military so she has had some basic training in everything but discipline. She is a bit antisocial, due to the frequent moves, and her intelligence is the one constant in her life. She throws herself into her studies, trying to learn as much as she can. Growing up she read many stories about the magical treasures and myths, granting her knowledge of the world she was recently thrust into.

Why do you deserve this heritage?:
It matches the character path and design for what I would like to do in the game. I hope that her intelligence and curiosity can lead her to find many interesting things.

What will you do with these powers?:
Learn as much as I can about the new Demigod world that I've been brought into. Find out more about my ancestry and guide my friends and family through the dangers beset upon us. I would like to find all the regalia and treasures left behind by all the gods, and gift them to those close to me.

What other parents would you accept?
Hephaestus/Aphrodite and maybe Artemis?


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