Alexander Frost - Good Smash Weapon/Item

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Alexander Frost - Good Smash Weapon/Item

Post by Son of the Son on Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:51 pm

Byond key: Son of the Son
Character name: Alexander Frost
Age: 16
Parent: Hephaestus

Weapon's Name: Fire-Star
Weapon description: A medium sized Mace. It's bronze in color, and the name is etched into the metal along the handle. It's more rustic in looks, but seemed to be slightly enchanced by a newer time.

Weapon's Image:
Weapon Damage: 18 bludgeoning
Weapon Weight: 50lbs
Weapon Range: Melee
Weapon abilities:

Morning Star-mode: The bludgeoning end of the weapon grows spikes. The end also shoots off attacked by a chain made into a flair. It does an extra 2 damamge in this mode.

Blacksmith's Blood: This weapon is infused with the blacksmiths blood and it's abilities only activated by him. After many hours of work, and effort, the user can be changed forcefully. The owner can do this within a few minutes.

Flame Ball: The end of the weapon is is surrounded in a bright flame, which can be stacked upon the Morning Star mode. This activation does an Extra 4 fire damage upon striking.

Smith's Strike: The user pulls back a heavy blow of his mace, and brings down the hammer, in a flash of fire and raw power. This does an extra 2d6 of damage and roots the target. Four turn cooldown.
Weapon material: Celestial Bronze

Why does this weapon match you: As a child of Hephaestus Alexander Frost is drawn towards weapons of the forge, such as hammers and tools of any sort. Which obviously led to him desiring something along those lines, which drew him to the mace.

Item's Name: Creator's Holding Bag
Item's Image:
Item's Backstory: It was originally owned by Hephaestus, where he put most of his smaller inventions. For the most part, it was just a bag enchanted with the ability to hold much more than it should. Basically a personal pocket dimension. A living creature cannot survive in it, but it can hold small to medium sized creations. The user can pull out the item by stating something about it, and they will pull it out.

Son of the Son

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Re: Alexander Frost - Good Smash Weapon/Item

Post by Alcoholicfungi on Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:36 pm

Flame Ball and smith strike is denied.

App for them as custom perks.

Weapon otherwise approved.
Item approved.


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