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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:25 pm

Huntresses of Artemis aren't demigods. Instead they are mortals that Artemis picks out. Visits and then once they take an oath and vow , get her blessing and join the hunt.

Those of Artemis are only female, but exceptions can be made for a DR male. Any female found out to be unpure will be stripped of perks.

As one of the chosen maidens to the virgin goddess of the moon, virgins, and nature, you are naturally quick, decisive and posses fine control of your moon magic.

Artemis' Huntress: This character has been deemed worthy enough to be the goddess Artemis' handmaiden.

Quickdraw: This character's minimum range for their long ranged weapon is effectively cut in half.

Longshot: This character's maximum range is increase by four tiles.

Acute Range: When attempting to shoot over maximum range, the user can opt to reduce their damage roll by 10 per tile rather their accuracy.

Projectile Master: Any weapon that this character holds that uses projectiles as the main source of damage is considered trained, and the stamina cost are reduced by 2. Minimum of 1.

Animal ally: This character possess a(n) (additional) animal ally. Stats of the animal are based on the character.

Night sense: This character gains the ability to move through darkness without failure, and operate without any vision at all. Cuts flanking bonuses in half.

Predatory Leap: This character can perform a full speed leap and jump with no running start. This movement adds two tiles to their maximum distance, but cannot be done consecutively.

Moonlight Slash: This character can enhanced their dagger with the power of moonlight to create a horizontal slash, that extends their weapon range by four tiles. Roots.

Evolved Companion: One of their animals gain one of the following features: Nightvision, +5 to dodge rolls, heightened stat, razor sharp teeth that is capable of inflicting a 1d10 worth of damage at CQC, Capable of penetrating demigod skin and causing bleed on successful attacks, a set of secondary razor sharp claws that enhance unarmed damage to a 1d8, improved damage on a natural weapon, a size increase large enough that the animal could be used as a mount, lengethened limbs or retractable teeth that increases the range of physical attacks by a tile, a resistance to a certain magic type, the abillity to swim, gills, or a set of tentacles that could be used to handle items in the middle of combat.

Super evolved Companion: One of the animals gain the following features; the abillity to fire a magical breathe of their choosen element dealing their control as damage and speed, a pair of wings that allows them to fly, and a body that is innately toxic and apply a specific poison upon contact.

Iron will: +10 on rolls that would result in their death, and effects of any kind of mental magic reduces their opponents roll by 10.

Moonlight companion: Animals gain a luminescence, cannot be stunned or dazed and naturally have silver natural weapons, such as teeth and claws.

Silver weapon mastery: Silver weapons have their stamina cost reduced by 2, to a minimum of one.  Characters who are under the effect of any kind of necromancy, recently committed a murder of an unarguably evil or aggressive being are poisoned by the silver and take a -2 health drain per turn and their overall damage is reduced by 5.


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