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Post by Alcoholicfungi on Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:29 pm

Life everlasting, nature's wrath, and the strength of the very world; these are the powers that can be manipulated and accessed by the children of the Goddess Demeter.

Flowerchild:This character has been claimed by the the goddess of Nature. They have a tough body, surprisingly quick movement, and a natural willpower that controls the flora around them.

Nature Mastery: This character has started developing their natural skills with Earth and Flower magic, they can now innately cast these spells. 20 speed/damage. Caps at user's control.

Natural Fear: This character can plant a seed into the ground that when stepped on, or within one tile adjacent, does 1d12 damage to everyone in range. Limit of one planted seed per 20 control.

Nature Mastery 2: This character has now advanced their magic spell casting. Their spells now deal up to 40 damage, and move at 40 speed. Capped by control.

Natural Healing: This character can root themselves next to a target in order to heal them for 10 hp per turn. For five turns after this, the character passively restores 1 hp per turn from the healing enzymes of their plants.

Plant-life sensing: This character can select up to five pieces of plant life, and between those five points, this character can passively and instantly sense and feel what's going on. Range of 2 tiles around them per 20 control.

Flower Travel: This character can bury themselves within a large organic fauna, or the earth itself and travel up to an extended two tiles over their maximum limit. They can only be damaged by earth based magic, or by large to very large weapons.

Nature Mastery 3: This character is now a master of using their innate magic. Their spells now deal up to 60 damage, and move at 60 speed. Capped by control.

Semi-Immortal: This character does not age once they hit their early twenties, and can revive themselves from a non-natural death once per month, provided that their is enough of their body to regenerate.

Natural Healing 2: This character can implant an ally with nature's blessing to heal them for up to 20 hp per turn, as long as they are rooted. For the next five turns, the healed character passively gains 5 hp in the form of nature magic.

Nature Mastery 4: This character is now god tier when it comes to their magic. They are capable of making spells that deal up to 80 damage and move up to 80 speed. Capped by control.

Reward of Life: This character passively restore 1 stamina per turn, and 2 stamina per turn if they are healing someone.

Nature Healing 3: This character can restore an ally's HP by 40 per turn, after rooting themselves, and for the next five turns, their ally restores 10 health passively.

Reward of Grace: Every time that this character heals 10 damage from an ally, their unarmed attack damage rolls(both accuracy and damage) increase by 2.

Partial Regeneration: This character's healing passively restores their own by half of what they had restores.


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